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Executive Board


Scott Wood


Ninette DiGaetano Kayton
     Vice President


Cynthia Eaton Tvelia


John Capurso


     David Donofrio
     George Fernandez
     Susan Kaufold
     Holly Wood
     Scott Wood



     Ninette Kayton
     Victoria Molloy
     Cynthia Eaton Tvelia

The following individuals have been elected to serve on the Ridge Civic Association executive board (please note that we currently have two vacancies among our directors): 

Bylaws and Minutes

The official Ridge Civic Association Bylaws were updated and approved at our October 18, 2023, meeting.


Below we share our official meeting minutes from the past two years (to see any archived minutes, contact President Scott Wood or Secretary Cynthia Eaton Tvelia at


Note that our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30, and we do not hold meetings in July, August, or December. Minutes are added upon approval.

The Ridge Reporter

Below are some previous editions of The Ridge Reporter. For home delivery, support Ridge Civic by signing up today!

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